The IRS is back in business-To collect money! Are you on the list?

On 6/15/2021, the IRS issued millions of final notices on past due balances. The IRS will be following up with Levy actions and Lien filings by 8/1/2021, as the COVID suspension moratorium is being lifted.

IRS Revenue Officers are now pursuing 880,000 high income non-filers that owe approximately $46 Billion. Non-filers have been mapped nationwide (by zip code) and IRS task forces are being formed to go to affluent areas or areas of large numbers of non-compliant taxpayers.

Cryptocurrency traders- The IRS is sending out a second round of letters warning taxpayers to “file delinquent or amended returns” reporting their cryptocurrency transactions. The IRS is warning taxpayers who fail to accurately report cryptocurrency transactions will be subject to civil and criminal enforcement.

Passport certifications and suspension of passports and travel abroad moratorium has now been lifted.

The IRS is pursuing “worker classification audits” to uncover and penalize businesses who have employees but report income on Form 1099-NEC instead of W-2 and withholding/paying payroll taxes.

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