Successful Resolutions
for Your Tax Problems

Look no further than Klecka Tax Resolution in Huntsville, TX if you need professional financial advice. If you’re having trouble with the IRS, our licensed attorney can help you get a favorable tax resolution. Feel free to call us for more information about our services.

About Us

Klecka Tax Resolution is a unique firm specializing in Federal Income Tax and IRS representation for individuals and small businesses. It’s our goal to provide successful resolutions to your tax problems. We offer our services through one-on-one meetings to build a personal relationship with our clients, and so you can have peace of mind.

We assist:

  • taxpayers who have not filed tax returns in several years;
  • taxpayers who have notices of balances due with the IRS and do not know how to get agreements for payments in place; and
  • taxpayers who have received a Notice of Deficiency and need to timely file a tax court petition.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of our clients’ needs, thorough research, and sound analysis. Our firm is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism.